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Christ Church Library, Oxford University


Christ Church Library, Oxford University

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Book shopping in Trastevere, Rome with Carlos Sánchez Pereyra.

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Heaven is a place on Earth.


I got bored of my alphabetical bookshelf this morning and I decided to change it around a little bit (okay, a lot). I don’t have that many books and this is most of them, the rest all have black spines so I didn’t include them because there is too many. Looking at this now I’ve realized I should have gone over it and taken out a few that don’t really work but I’m too lazy to go fix it and retake the photos. 

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I’m currently reading The Hobbit (again) but I decided to get my next book ready and I just looked at my shelves and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO READ NEXT. Help a fellow booker out!?

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My tbr pile would be a mile high if I could afford all the books on it. Instead I just have to stare longingly at my list and sigh. 

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The second i step into a book store i seem to forget that I’m broke and that I have no money  

If its any consolation I do this too.

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