What am I reading?


I don’t always read books, but when I do I stay up all night and read the whole damn thing



i love old science fiction because it’s all like “IT’S THE DISTANT YEAR TWO THOUSAND AND THREE AND MAN IS EXPLORING THE DEEP CORNERS OF THE UNIVERSE” like god bless you old sci-fi you had such high hopes for us


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My hobbies include

  • Thinking about books
  • Reading books
  • Talking about books
  • Looking at books

Touching books

Smelling books

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I think reading until you fall asleep is one of the most happiest, coziest moments you’ll ever experience in life and I think it needs to happen to you more than once.

I’ve been revising a lot recently…

So I haven’t had much time to read. On the plus side, I got an A in my English Lit coursework on the causes of mental health in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Bell Jar. But still, revision is starting to stress me out.